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Exodus Officially Integrated With SportX, What It Means For The Gambling Platform

As you can see in the title, Exodus is now integrated with SportX. What is this and what does this mean to you? Well, we will have to explain all the things you need to know below. All you need to know at the moment is that crypto trading and betting are becoming more and more popular than ever before so we can see more of these integrations.

The Basics

Let’s start with the basics. Exodus is a crypto wallet. What this means is that a player who joined MyStake gaming site can keep his cryptocurrencies here and use them when needed. On the other hand, SportX is a crypto trading and betting platform. Many of you know these already due to the fact both platforms are very popular and common among gamblers.

Thanks to the integration, players can now place bets on esports using the Polygon network. Exodus has over 1 million users. Now, all of them can have access to the sports betting platform in question and can enjoy this form of betting instantly and without any issues.

Things To Know

SportX has a massive base of eSport games and all of these are available to all users of Exodus. The lowest bet is only $5 and you cause Exodus directly to deposit funds and place a bet. You can also exchange it using one of 138 currencies this e-wallet supports. All the markets are possible and completed via the Polygon network.

SportX can be used in many countries. Some of the examples include Canada, South America, and also most of Asia. In Europe, this platform is widely used and France, the Netherlands, and other countries allow their users to bet and enjoy SportX. It is all about eSport betting. This form of betting is known as modern and more appealing than traditional sports. It is a multi-billion dollar industry now. Even Halo is available here.

In e-Sports you will bet on players who play and on the outcome of a virtual match. There are many sports and many events you can bet on. Try to remember that during the pandemic, these sports became even more popular. There is no physical contact here and it is, therefore, a much safer option. On the other hand, it still gives you the thrill and the outcome as any sports match you can think of.

Impressive Relationship

This is one of many examples where esports and crypt currencies are now combined. No doubt, the future of iGaming lies in cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, so today many companies step ahead and provide such changes. The reasons for that are simple and even obvious. See, many people who like cryptocurrencies and who use these, like esports as well. They prefer this form of betting over anything else. The demographics are almost identical. Hence, we can see an increase in popularity or better said more e-sport betting platforms will now accept cryptocurrencies.

If you take a look at the reasons and details you can understand this symbiosis more. First of all, using virtual currencies is easier than using fiat currencies. You can even make a higher profit thanks to the massive price changes of virtual currencies. Players can use these in stealth mode as well. This is ideal if you want to gamble or place bets when it is not allowed. There are no traces that you used that betting or gambling platform hence you can bet without any limits or issues. Gamblers and bettors know about these for a long period of time so it is not strange why the popularity of eSport betting using virtual currencies has been growing for a long time.

We must add that deposits and withdrawals using virtual currencies are extremely fast. In most cases, it will last only a couple of minutes. Compare that with fiat currencies and you will see that these will need hours or even days to reach your account. Bettors want their winnings on their account as soon as possible. They will use the funds to bet more, for shopping or anything else. It is their money and as such they need it and they want it on the account as soon as possible.

Crypto Exchanges Are Raising As Well

We must add that crypto trading is growing in popularity as well. More and more people are now doing it and more will start trading any time soon. The profit can be impressive and it is also something you can achieve fast. In addition, you can trade easily these days thanks to many different platforms.

Another thing here is that many crypto exchanges are now implemented into sports betting platforms as well. The best example would be FTX. Of course, this is just one of many and there are countless examples we can mention here. In June, the aforementioned brand started a contract with $210 million in value with TSM which is e-Sport giant.

The Final Word

Now players can make safe, fast, and impressive deposits and transactions in general to SportX using Exodus. One of the best e-wallets of this kind and one of the most popular eSport betting platforms work combined to help you have the best experience you can.  Don’t forget that the popularity of eSport betting and cryptocurrencies, in general, are linked more than ever before and the popularity is growing as we speak. Bettors and gamblers like these two and will use them even more.

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