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Atari Token: Pioneer in Casino Metaverse

Atari, a widely recognized gaming giant is creating a metaverse based on the Atari Chain which has thousands of potential games owned by Atari and NFT. Atari Chain is the integrated version of the Atari gaming brand and smart blockchain tech. The integration with Jammy Jack operator has opened doors to lucrative gambling opportunities for introducing cryptocurrencies to this pioneering games industry.

As a result of this initiative, Atari Token was built. Now, after so many amazing feats, Atari is launching the metaverse with the use of the Atari Token.  The open-world metaverse promises an experience simulating an open-world casino. This metaverse will create a sort of virtual reality wherein the punters chat with each other or bet as they please while exploring the game’s features.

In simple words, Atari Token is the company’s own cryptocurrency. It is an ERC20 utility token. Atari Token was created on the Ethereum blockchain. The main aim was to use this as a mode of payment in Atari video games and Atari Casino. ATRI serves as the native digital currency in the Atari Chain.

According to ICIB.com,  “Atari Token is a decentralized cryptocurrency created to become the token of reference for the interactive entertainment industry. Our plan for the token is to become a universal means of payment for the interactive entertainment industry.” 

About Atari

Atari was first launched in California, in 1972. Since then it has been pioneering many developments in the industry. It should be noted that Atari gained a lot of commercial success and popularity through the table tennis game called “Pong”. 

Unfortunately, the company had to go through a financial crisis and the brand was saved from possible bankruptcy by a takeover by Frederic Chesnais, the head of Ker Ventures, a French company. He is now the head of the new blockchain division.

Atari Casino

Atari’s cryptocurrency casino is similar to any other casino with the exception that bet wins are awarded and accepted only in cryptocurrencies. 

Atari’s own metaverse will have infinite space and a humongous gaming collection provided by Atari casino and the NFT. The punter gets to use an avatar to set foot into the metaverse and explore it. The games listed on the platform will include casino games such as Poker, Blackjack, Slots, Roulette, and many more.

This spectacular Metaverse will be operated by the ATRI utility token.  The users will be able to easily connect to the blockchain technology through the digital wallet powered by Atari Chain. Atari Chain wallet is set up whenever someone registers on the platform for the first time.

A cryptocurrency casino system has several other layers of interesting features; one of them being non-taxable bet winnings. The gamechanger in this whole operation will be Atari’s partnership with Decentral Games. This integration will make available a plethora of arcade games. The company has stated that punters will find old nostalgic game titles along with brand new ones. What’s more, the users can also win distinctive sets of NFTs or digital cards.

In the promotional video, it’s shown that the game will have many playable characters. These characters can be personalized according to individual tastes. This new cryptocurrency casino is to be situated in Vegas city which is also abode to Decentraland, the gaming city in Decentral’s metaverse. Decentraland is a VR world where people can take the form of their avatar and interact.

But, despite all these claims, Atari recently had to go online because of its accidental release to the public. Atari stated that the entire business was leaked accidentally because someone in the company must have mishandled the news. At this point, it is worth noting that accidentally leaked material differs quite significantly from the original promotional video.

These uncertainties about the real and fabricated narratives have left people confused if they should invest in the metaverse or not.

Claims Made By Experts

Here are some of the claims made by the pioneering experts in the finance/tech industry.

  • Charles Hoskinson says, “Metaverse Will Overlay the Physical World”
  • Cathie Wood is of the opinion, “Several trillion U.S. dollars for the Metaverse […] Metaverse will be a huge change to every industry — to a degree, that we would not even imagine right now”
  • Bank of America & Grayscale says, “Metaverse will create tremendous opportunities for blockchain technology […] gigantic potential of the Metaverse industry in advertising, digital events, social commerce, hardware, and monetization”
  • Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger warn the investing public about horrendous overvaluations.


Although Atari Chain is at its nascent stage, Atari being a leading video gaming brand has a better opportunity to create a metaverse that will be sustainable. Atari Chain’s main goal is to build ATRI as easy to integrate as a mode of payment within other developers’ games.

Presently, ATRI is mainly used for trading, wagering, and playing video games inside Atari’s own online platforms. In the near future, the company hopes to use this currency through AstroPay as a payment method on other third-party platforms and consoles. 

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